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IRCo Internet Relay Chat Daemon

IRCo Internet Relay Chat Daemon / IRC-Server Software Anbieter

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Unsere Informationen zum ircO

  Da dieser IRCD nicht weiterentwickelt wird, werden wir hier weitere Informationen veröffenltichen, sobald die anderen IRCDs voll dokumentiert wurden. IRCo Internet Relay Chat Daemon  IRCo Internet Relay Chat Daemon http://irco.sourceforge.net/ IRCo basiert auf Undernets IRCu

This file provides a brief overview of irco4, an ircd project
that is maintained by developers of the Chat Consortium
(www.chatcon.net). irco4 is based on Undernet ircu2.10.10,
and is kept in sync with the latest Undernet patches. We are
planning to start an irco4 branch based on ircu2.10.11, pending
its beta release. This ircd is aimed for use by moderate-sized
IRC networks and is currently being developed for the
Otherside IRC Network (www.othersideirc.net).

We do not guarantee support of this ircd. This software
is provided as is, with no warranties of any kind.

Saying that, no we will not 'setup' or 'install' your
ircd for you.

If you find a bug, please report it and we will try
to correct it in a timely manner. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask. If you a suggestion or
feature request, please justify it and we will
consider implementing it or accepting a patch for it.

On a further note, ircu2.10.10+ no longer supports
the P9 server protocol, which many legacy IRC services
require. At this time neither Chat Consortium nor
Otherside provide or recommend any IRC services for
use with irco4. Otherside's IRC Services, aka Q4, are
closed source.

We hope you enjoy irco4. =)
The irco4 Team / Chat Consortium


irco4.0.3 (September 29, 2005) Maintenance Release
* Block connections from servers with invalid
server numerics.
* Stop server from starting with an invalid
server numeric.

irco4.0.2 (January 22, 2004) Maintenance Release
* Applied Matt's S:line patch that fixes some
improper behavior when using S:lines.

irco4.0.1 (March 14, 2003) Maintenance Release
* Added support to block the annoying Fizzer
Worm clients.
* Bumped AUTH_TIMEOUT to 15 from 60.

irco4.0.0.final (December 1, 2001)
* 7 months and only one nasty bug,
releasing irco4.0.0.final.
* Fixed a bug that could cause
the ircd to crash in m_names.
* Incorporate ircu .pl14 stuff,
except for lame head-in-sand
"features" and similar sillinesses.

irco4.0.0.rc3 (April 28, 2001)
* Minor cosmetic changes
* Fixed new glibc (?) compilation
* Changed default services server
* Fixed non-critical SSL bug (auth
msgs not being sent properly)

irco4.0.0.rc2 (March 29, 2001)
* Another critical SSL update, avoid
core dumps (blech)

irco4.0.0.rc1 (March 27, 2001)
* Added SSL_SERVER_PORT config option,
defaults to 4440
* /trace now displays SSL for SSL
* Changed umode values so USER ##
works right
* I:lines: example conf allows 3 connections
per IP now, and /stats I shows connection
limit if present
* Added doc/irco.features.txt
* Various doc/example.conf updates.
* WebTV allowance is now a netconfig.h
option instead of a make config option.
* Other minor changes.
* /rehash now rereads the pem file
* NODEFAULTMOTD is no longer default

irco4.0.0.beta.6 (March 20, 2001)
* Removed chown/chgrp from install
* Fixed incorrect /addline help
* More verbosity and robustness in /delline
* Removed hostprot and hack options from
netconfig.h by default
* Can now specify new username in S:lines
* Changed SSL code for (hopefully) more
* It is now possible to /invite people
through +S/+r channel modes
* Changed config-sh detection of OpenSSL
directory to be more flexible
* Other tiny changes/fixes

irco4.0.0.beta.5 (March 11, 2001)
* Fixed bug in config-sh to allow
using OpenSSL from its source
* Fixed ciritical bug with bans not
working correctly

irco4.0.0.beta.4 (March 7, 2001)
* ALLOW_CHSV_MODEHACK is now enabled
by default. This may be disabled by
default in the future.
(see netconfig/config.h)
This is also enabled by default,
and will definitely be disabled
by default as soon as possible.
! The above 2 options are mainly
designed for irco.v3.6 compatibility,
as we have begun the transition to
irco4 on Otherside.
* Added user mode +S.
This is a transparent/invisble user
mode. If you are connected via SSL
then you are automatically +S.
* Added channel mode +S. This mode
will only allow +S users to join
the channel.
* Various fixes.

irco4.0.0.beta.3 (February 22, 2001)
* ircd/Makefile.in fix.
(see config/netconfig.h)
* Wallops from servers are now hidden from
* Various fixes.
* Various tweaking.

irco4.0.0.beta.2 (February 12, 2001)
* +r chanmode only allows registered
users to join the channel.
* +r umode for registered users. This
mode is transparent/invisible to the user.
* Added SSL support (must have OpenSSL)
* config/netconfig.h added
This configuration file allows you to
customize features that need to be the
same on all IRC servers on your network.
Do NOT change the settings here unless
your network has instructed you to do so.
* Various tweaking.

irco4.0.0.beta.1 (January 3, 2001)
* +kd users (services) receive chanmsgs
that begin with '~' This allows for
service commands to be issued from
the channel, without sending too
much garbage through services.
* +q (quiet) chanmode, hides '~' commands
from non-chanserv users. Watching people
issue a bunch of chanserv commands can
get old :)
* +H chanmode, hides chanserv from
channel listing (/names) This mode
may only be set by services.
* IRC operators may not SQUIT services
or JUPEd servers.
* O:line privileges (see doc/example.conf)
* Service aliases /ns /ms /cs /os
* Colored nicknames (umode +c, /setcolor)
* Topic synchronization over netjoins
* Force IRC operators to join #opers
* Ability to deny WebTV clients
* Added S:lines (see doc/example.conf)
* Added secure host protection (see doc/hostprot.txt)
* Lots of other tweaking

Note: Many of the irco4 features listed above
are optional. Running 'make config' will allow
for customization of these features.